Tickets & Entry
Can I pay my payment plan off earlier?

You can request to complete your payment plan early by paying your remaining balance all at once. To pay off your payment plan early, please submit a request here.  

How do I access my ticket?

Once your order has been paid in full, you’ll receive a confirmation email from our official ticketing partner Lyte with instructions on how to access your ticket(s).

You can always view your order by logging into your Lyte account, just make sure that you’re logging in with the same email address that you purchased with. 

Can I pay for my ticket in Instalments?

You can select to pay in monthly instalments at checkout. You’ll see your options under ‘Choose how to pay’.

How do I swap my tickets for another day?

Head to the Promiseland Official Ticket Exchange which will be available by mid March, you can click here

  1. Click “Swap Tickets”
  2. Select the tickets you’d like to swap
  3. Enter your information
  4. Submit your swap request

We will contact you via email if we are able to fulfil your swap request. If we are unable to fulfil your swap request, you will be notified as well. We cannot guarantee that your swap request will be completed, but we’ll do our best to get the tickets you want.

I bought my ticket on payment plan but my recent payment declined. What do I do?

If your payment fails you will receive an email from Lyte with next steps. Make sure to follow these steps, if they’re unable to take future payments your order may be cancelled.

It’s always a good idea to check that you have sufficient funds in your account and your card details are up to date. 

If your order has been cancelled due to too many failed payment attempts, you can request for your order to be reinstated here.

For further assistance with your payment plan, please contact Lyte Support.

I bought my tickets on a payment plan but now my order is showing as cancelled?

If your payment fails consecutively three times, your order will be cancelled.
Please contact Lyte Support as soon as you’re notified that your order has been cancelled.
If we have sufficient stock, we will be able to reinstate the order so you can continue paying for your tickets.

How do I change my payment method?

You can update your payment method by logging into your Lyte account, you’ll find the link in your confirmation email. 

I’m currently on the waitlist for tickets but need to update my payment method?

You can update your payment method in your order dashboard, which you can find in your confirmation email. Your credit card information can be changed or updated before requests are completed.

  1. Log into your Lyte account here
  2. Select your Promiseland tickets and click the “Order Details”
  3. Click “Edit Payment Info”
How do I obtain my ticket?
  1. Once your order has been paid in full, you’ll receive a confirmation email from our official ticketing partner Lyte with instructions on how to access your ticket(s).
  2. If you are unable to locate your confirmation email, please contact Lyte Support.
How do I sell my ticket? I can no longer attend, what should I do?

There are two options:

Option 1: Sell your ticket to a friend via private exchange

  1. Go to the official Promiseland ticket exchange here and select “Sell or Transfer”
  2. Enter the email address you purchased with and select the tickets you want to return
  3. Set the price you wish to sell your tickets for.
  4. Use the “Share” button to copy the link you created. You can safely share the link online or through SMS. Anyone with the link can buy your tickets using a credit card.

When your tickets are purchased, the tickets are transferred from your account to the new buyer and you’ll be paid out post event. Once transferred, you will no longer have access to those tickets.

You can deactivate the link at any time before the tickets are sold.

Option 2: Return your ticket to Lyte

(Your ticket will be resold to another Promiseland fan on the waitlist)

  1. Go to return your tickets via the Lyte exchange here
  2. Enter the email address you purchased with and select the tickets you want to return
  3. Your return amount will be market priced, based on demand by other Promiseland fans. If Lyte currently can’t make an offer, you will be notified by email if there is demand for your ticket in the future.
  4. If you accept an offer for your ticket, you will be paid after the event.
How can I upgrade my GA ticket to VIP?

Head to the Promiseland Official Ticket Exchange here 

  1. Click “Swap & Upgrade Tickets”
  2. Select the tickets you’d like to swap
  3. Enter your information
  4. Submit your swap request

Lyte will contact you via email if they are able to complete your swap request.
While we cannot guarantee that your swap will be completed, we’ll do our best to find you the tickets you want.

Can I return or swap my tickets before I’ve finished my payment plan?

You can submit a request, however your request is much more likely to be successful if you’ve completed your payment plan.

To pay off your payment plan early, submit a request here.  

Why is the return offer price different from what I paid?

Lyte utilises a dynamic pricing system similar to how airline tickets and hotel rooms are sold. It constantly takes into account factors such as supply, demand and prices on the secondary market. As demand for an event changes, prices for returned or requested tickets will fluctuate.

Why are my tickets showing as greyed out when I go to return my tickets?

This is because Lyte is not able to make an offer on any of the tickets in your order right now. Not to worry, they are still valid for you to use! 

Before they can make you an offer for your tickets, they need to go find a buyer. If we can't make you an offer right away then we have currently satisfied all fan requests.

You can sign up to be notified when we can make an offer for your tickets by selecting the "Get email when there is a buyer" option. 

The tickets I want are sold out, what do I do?

Sign up to our waitlist for your desired tickets here

If that ticket becomes available, we’ll email you to confirm and your card will be charged so that the ticket officially becomes yours!

Please note that a request does not guarantee a ticket. The number of tickets returned by other fans will determine how many requests on the waitlist we can fulfil but we’ll try our best!

How do I know my ticket is valid?

Only tickets bought from Lyte are valid. Tickets from third-party sellers are not authorised by Promiseland. To ensure you are buying a genuine ticket please follow the links & information on our website - we’d hate for you to get scammed! 

What constitutes a valid photo ID?

Photographic forms of identification such as a passport or driving license are acceptable. Service NSW apps are valid as well.

What happens if I lose my wristband?

Wristbands will only be issued once. Broken or lost wristbands cannot be replaced so please look after them.

Do I get a refund if I can no longer make it?

Refunds require an approval process due to certain circumstances.

Do I get a refund if one of the headliners drops off?

In the case of a headliner cancelling we will endeavour to seek a replacement well and truly before the festival dates. We’ve ensured that our line-up is bullet proof with certain restrictions in place, however we understand things happen and will endeavour to address these issues as they arise. Refunds will be issued should we face several major cancellations with no replacements.

What’s included with a Promise VVIP Weekend Pass?

Promise VVIP Weekend Pass includes the following:

  • Full access to a two-storey high VVIP area for amazing views of the main stage, complete with lounge seating, shade, premium luxury air-conditioned toilets and full time attendant.
  • Complimentary catering
  • Private cocktail bar (sponsor dependant and will be free)
  • Complimentary French champagne upon arrival.
  • Complimentary unlimited alcoholic basics (from main bars) and soft drinks included.
  • Access to the VIP pit/section.
  • Official Pre-party entry at Cali Beach on Fri 29 Sep, 2023
  • Official After Party entry on Sat 30th Sep and Sun 1st Oct
  • Priority Fast lane entry and exclusive lanyard, no waiting times.
  • An exclusive Promiseland merchandise item.
  • Two day entry to the whole main festival grounds (both stages)
What’s included with a Promiseland VIP Weekend Pass?

VIP Weekend Pass includes the following:

  • VIP Section with own bar, heaps of toilets, food, whole front of stage viewing and phone charging station.
  • Two day entry to the whole main festival grounds and Promise Village (2 stages)
  • Dedicated VIP Entry lane.
What’s included with a GA Weekend Pass?

GA Weekend Pass includes the following:

  • Two day entry to the main festival grounds (2 stages)
Festival information
What are the festival dates?

The main festival takes place on the 30th September & 1st October 2023. There will be additional events included with VVIP passes taking place on the Friday 29th September, 2023

Where is the festival?

The main festival will take place at Doug Jennings park on Seaworld Drive, Gold Coast

What age do I have to be?

Promiseland Festival is an 18+ event.

What are the festival times?

The festival will start at 11:00am in the morning each day and run until 10:00pm. Set times and a full program will be released closer to the festival dates.

What time is last entry?

The doors will close at 7pm. Please arrive early and allow extra time for queuing.

How do I become a vendor?

We are not looking for food vendors at this time.

I’m a Promise VVIP or VIP Ticket holder, where do I get my merchandise?

You may collect your merchandise at the Merchandise stall provided near the Promise Village, please present your ticket and wristband/lanyard to obtain.

travel & accomodation
Message to Patrons

We heavily advise patrons to book refundable accomodation and Flexi saver flights well in advance before the festival dates. Should you not be able to make the festival or should the festival ever face a cancellation you will save yourself costs.

How do I get there?

Doug Jennings Park Is located on Seaworld Drive, Gold Coast. Doug Jennings is a 10 minute drive from downtown Surfers Paradise. We have FREE shuttle busses operating from 11am at Cypress Avenue ,Surfers Paradise running all day. We would advise if you are driving to park there and take the shuttle buses. We will also have ride-share base that will drop off shortly after Seaworld.

Where should I stay?

The Surfers Paradise is home to thousands of accomodation options across from AirBnbs to hotels. Head to www.destinationgoldcoast.com to plan your stay and head to www.airbnb.com.au for further accomodation options.

Which airport should I fly to?

Gold Coast Airport is the main airport that lands you in the city of the festival. Brisbane Airport is also another option and is a 60 minute drive from the festival grounds.

Is there parking available?

We recommend parking in Surfers Paradise (near to Cypress Avenue) and taking our shuttle buses into Doug Jennings. See here for more parking options www.goldcoast.qld.gov.au/Services/Roads-transport-parking/ Parking/Council-carparks

Festival rules
Permitted items

The following items are permitted inside the arena:

  • Digital and video cameras for personal use. Please see “Cameras/Electronics” section for more information.
  • Handheld mobile devices. Please see “Cameras/Electronics” section for more information.
  • One (1) clear, soft-sided factory sealed bottle of unflavoured water, 20-ounces in size or smaller per person (any beverage which has been opened or partially consumed prior to entry will NOT be permitted.
  • One (1) single-serving food item per person packaged in a clear plastic bag (fruit must be sliced)
  • One (1) clear bag no larger than 16”x16”x8” and consisting of plastic, vinyl, or PVC material. Exceptions will be made for small clutches no larger than 6”x8” and bags for medical or infant purposes. All approved bags are subject to inspection. Please see “Bag Policy” section for more information.

The following items will NOT be permitted inside the arena:

  • Aerosol cans (e.g. hairspray, compressed air, etc.)
  • Amplified music and noise making devices (e.g. air horns, bullhorns, loudspeakers, whistles, rattles, cowbells, thunder sticks, etc.)
  • Animals (except certified or in-training service animals).
  • Baseball bats, bases and large framed items (excluding small souvenir bats purchased at arena retail locations)
  • Beach balls, balloons or other inflatables
  • Costume masks (Exceptions may be made during special promotions and/or events)
  • Digital cameras with interchangeable lenses. Please see “Cameras/Electronics” section for more information.
  • Drones
  • Fireworks, flares or other incendiary devices
  • Frisbees or other sport objects that can be thrown (e.g. football, soccer ball, tennis ball, golf ball, etc.)
  • Full-sized brooms, sticks, rods, flag poles or selfie sticks
  • Glass/metal/aluminium containers, bottles or cans (e.g. travel thermoses, tumblers, etc.)
  • Hard-sided coolers/containers
  • Helmets (e.g. bicycle, motorcycle and/or baseball helmets, etc.)
  • Illegal drugs or paraphernalia
  • Laser devices or pointers, confetti, glitter or tinsel
  • Obscene, indecent or offensive clothing (e.g. bathing suits, vulgar/political words/phrases, images on clothing, etc.)
  • Outside alcoholic beverages
  • Paint of any kind
  • Professional/commercial-grade camera equipment (e.g. mono/tripods, etc.)
  • Smokeless/chewing tobacco, e-cigarettes or vaping. Please see “Smoking Policy” section for more information.
  • Soft drinks or sports/energy drinks (e.g. Gatorade, juice, flavored waters, etc.)
  • Toy weapons (e.g. guns, water guns, swords, knives, etc.)
  • Weapons of any kind regardless of permit (e.g. firearms, knives, tasers, nunchaku, pepper spray, mace, expandable batons, etc.)
  • Wheeled recreational devices (skateboards, roller blades, roller skates, wheeled footwear, bicycles, hover boards, razor boards, Segways, etc.)
  • Wrapped presents

Such items will be prohibited from being brought into the festival grounds. There is no storage area for these items. Guests arriving by mass transit or ride share should take particular care not to bring any prohibited items, as no exceptions will be made.


Clear bags are permitted, cannot exceed 16”x16”x8” in size and must be plastic, vinyl, or PVC material. Exceptions will be made for small clutches no larger than 6”x8” and bags for medical or infant purposes. We reserve the right to thoroughly inspect approved bags, clothing, or other articles prior to entry into the arena. The event security may prohibit entry to any Guest or require removal of any items at their sole discretion.


Guests are not permitted to leave the ballpark and return using the same ticket. Re-admission into the ballpark will ONLY be allowed in the case of an emergency. Please see a Guest Services Team Member prior to exiting the arena.

What do I do in an emergency?

During the festival, there will be security, and staff on duty. For any emergencies, locate a member of staff, who will be able to assist or locate the correct assistance.

If a serious or life-threatening crime is being committed, please contact a member of staff or police officer immediately.

If, in the unlikely event you cannot find someone, please call 000 (the AU Emergency Number).

Emergency Evacuation:
  • Be aware of your location inside the grounds at all times.
  • Identify the exits located nearest to you or your current location in the grounds
  • Listen, observe and follow instructions from the public-address/open-caption systems, video boards and high-definition televisions throughout the festival grounds.
  • Do not panic.
  • Ask for assistance and information from Guest Services Team Members, Police, Emergency Medical Services and/or Security personnel.
  • Remain calm, walk to the exits at a normal pace and proceed to the nearest safe area
  • Guests with disabilities should evacuate using a ramp or wait at an elevator for Security, Emergency Medical Services or other First Responders.
  • Guests are encouraged to take the following steps:
  • Should there be an immediate need to evacuate the festival grounds, Guests will be given instructions by the public-address/open-caption systems. Exit instructions will also be posted on the video boards and high-definition televisions throughout the grounds.